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Anthony and Shantae by blackevil915
Subject Sigma vs Ben by blackevil915
Youtube gamers by blackevil915
Whether it would be a video game, movie, cartoon, comics and more
Anthony meets Shantae by blackevil915
Anthony moves to a tower by blackevil915
Anthony in Sprites debut by blackevil915
If you love sprites, then be creative for a commission sprites (if you look on Spriters Resource).
Benetton vs Simtek by blackevil915
My fantasy F1 car by blackevil915

since i am a huge fan a racing with cars, i hope you guys would give a try.

either a car design, racing moments or a crashes.

2 more character of colored
if you ask me a commission for 2 characters, it would be twices price of 20.
Blackevil915 and Wave Skull by blackevil915
Its mostly a love interest of your OC or some canon characters.

Rules: No mature Yuri and no mature Yaoi.

I enjoy watching fighting like Boxing, kickboxing, street fight, wrestling, etc...

you couldchoose some fights if you want, either a character of video game, real life or you OC


This one is that i draw a line and add some colors. :)

if i add two characters, it would be two more of 20.

its mostly i draw a line.
Hey everyone, im Anthony and welcome back to Game Review.

Last time, i reviewed two bad racing games like Spirit of Speed and Big Rigs... They hurt my head a lot... I was looking for a good racing game, but i can't find something that is good.

Well, i guess il going back in the 90's for my childhood fav game called "Hot wheels Stunt Track Driver". Its a 1998 racing game by Mattel and Semi Logic for a PC.  There's also a game with a same name on a GBC by Lucky Chicken thiat this game is...            not that good... ^^;

Anyway, when i first saw this game as a kid, i was cheerful to play it and love it a lot. As i grown up, my game is gone, i better find a copy or il end find a free download... ^^;

The game start out with one person was delivered by Hot wheels company for some reason, until he starts to build any tracks or his house, his chamber, the attic, a greenhouse, the sandbox and evena game room. and the opening is soo 90's to watch. :)

In this game you start to play with 3 cars, until if you're a pro to unlock 9 more cars. (There's Tow Jam, Hot Wheels 500, Way 2 Fast, Radio Flyer Wagon, Slideout, Speed Blaster, Power Rocket, Supermodified, Salt Flat Racer, Sol Air CX-4, Shadow Jet and Twin Mill). And there's 6 tracks to play. If you unlock 100%, you can secretly click T of Mattel's logo to play a secret level (which it looks like you're driving in space with a lines of unfinished background. ^^;).

There's also a level takes place on a house and a balcony with a "Tune-Up shot", "City Center" and even a "Car Wash". But this level is only in a demo. Here's a video link right here. ->…

For a gameplay, its a motion video with a car (which it looks like you drive in a green screen). you can use your stunt in the air. When you land perfectly, you get more speed with lightning and firework. But if you land in a wrong direction or get hit by any obsticles, you get crash and try again (you restart where you're shortly. :)).

There three things you play. There's a practice (which there's a checkered flags), which you can play a level to do your stunt (if you do a awesome stunts, you'll see a fireworks) and race against the clock for a record, custome track, which you can make your own track, and there's a championship, which you have to race any tracks. If the timer ran out, your car stopped and you have to start over.

The game is simple and fun to play if you're a fan of Hot wheels. ^^  There's a sequel with a same name with "Gettin' Dirty". It was released in early 2000's and made by the same company. Unlike the first one, you drive in off-road tracks and it takes place outside (ahh fresh-air... ^^). As a kid, i played it alot that i love. But when i grew up, my game was lost again.

This game has advanced graphic and new cars (along with Slideout with off-road tyres) and a new tracks. Not only this is also a good game, but its also very obscure than the first one. Its kinda sad that Stunt Track Driver series will never come back... :(  Oh well, it was a fun memories...

Overall, Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver 1 and 2 is a very good racing game in my childhood memory. awesome gameplay, perfect control, fun graphics and even a Kick-Ass musics ^^. If you're a Hot wheels fans like me, give this one a try (i guess... ^^;)

il give this game, 10/10. ;)

(Here's a link of those cars. ->…… ) Today for "The question of the review" is: What is you fav car in HWSTD?

So this end of this review, if you have any suggestions, send me a comments bellow. Thanks for reading, im Anthony, signing off. ;)


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Anthony Laliberte
Artist | Student | Other
Anthony "Blackevil915" Laliberte

Born: 16 November 1995, Montreal Quebec Canada

Billed from Montreal Quebec Canada

Theme song:…

i like: drawing, playing video games, wrestling, racing, going out and take a picture

i hate: troll, bad drawing of me or my characters, being drugged, virus, broken stuff, my parents trash talk, Block User and feel all alone.

Important *Rules* Important

1: If you guys like my arts, fav or watch if you want. If you don't like it, don't fav and don't watch my account.
2: No negative comments about my life and my arts.
3: No fast or countless Request. Just only one request. Just slow down, please. (if you're my friend, il accept with 10 request)
4: Do not comments "Thanks for..", cause it causing a virus on my account.
5: Don't steal and recolor my arts, or il report ya.
6: Do not post ad in comments or notes. It soo stupid to show it.
7: Take your time to draw my characters your a gift or something

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