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Whether it would be a video game, movie, cartoon, comics and more
Anthony meets Shantae by blackevil915
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If you love sprites, then be creative for a commission sprites (if you look on Spriters Resource).
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since i am a huge fan a racing with cars, i hope you guys would give a try.

either a car design, racing moments or a crashes.

2 more character of colored
if you ask me a commission for 2 characters, it would be twices price of 20.
Its mostly a love interest of your OC or some canon characters.

Rules: No mature Yuri and no mature Yaoi.

I enjoy watching fighting like Boxing, kickboxing, street fight, wrestling, etc...

you couldchoose some fights if you want, either a character of video game, real life or you OC


This one is that i draw a line and add some colors. :)

if i add two characters, it would be two more of 20.

its mostly i draw a line.
Warning: the following review contains spoilers. If you don't wanna hear it, don't read it. If you don't mind, keep reading. Viewer discretion is advices.

Hey everyone, im Anthony and welcome back to movie time.

Making a remake is not that easy to do this, mainly because we wanna add a character from the original and chane something good and others...  completely bad...

For Disney, it may be hard. Like "Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland" is even though it was good, but it has a problem with characters, the visuals of 3D and even the story. "Maleficent" is a mixed bag movie, despite with good acting choice like Angelina Jolie as the famous villain in Disney, but again, it has a problem involving the characters, like there's a relationship between Princess Aurora and Maleficent and even annoying fairies.

But there's one film that i went in a cinema (this time, by myself without my father, which he drove me to Cinema Colossus, which it was located in Laval, Quebec), its a film that it brings back my childhood, that is the live-action Cinderella. This is a story that i remembered from the 1950's version by the late Walt Disney (a movie that was made after WW2 and after making a lot of package short films, ever since he lost a lot of money), it has a good hand-drawn animation, good acting and...  Well, its classic.

Since the live-action Cinderella is still in theater, im pretty sure you already know the story. Cinderella (Originally name Ella, good choice of her real name. :)) wanted to go in Ball, but her step-mother said no to her and she and her twin daughters go to the ball. Until a fairy Godmother comes to cheer up to bring Cinderella to the ball with a pumpkin turn into a beautiful courage, mice turn into a horses, two lizards into a footmen, a goose turn into a coachman and she wears a beautiful blue dress with a shoes made of glass. Once she went in there, she fall in love with Prince Charming (He has new name as "Kit", creative choice. ^^), but she have to go home, because her magic is about to end at midnight. However she lost one glassy shoe when she left. And...  you know how's going on at the ending.

What do i think of this movie? It was pretty good. It has a same story from the original but it also has an extra plot elements in this film like Ella meets Kit in the forest and even a sad backstory of her dead parents, same thing happens with Kit, which the king also died with older age. The visuals are impressive and it has a good acting (like Lily James (who plays as Ella) did a great job of her role. ^^)

But there's a difference between the 1950 and 2015. The early 50's version has a low budget (with about $2.9 million), it was less longer (about 75 minutes or 1 hour and 15 minutes) and it was little bit quicker for the story. I know its 50's, but what are you expect it was based on a story by Charles Perrault. Even though im ok for that.  The 2015 version has a big price ($95 million), its more longer (about 113 minutes or 1 hour 54 minutes) the story changes a bit to focusing with Cinderella (rather than the mice). The ending (and yes, spoiler alert, because what do you expect this is a classic story) is opposite. Rather than Cinderella shows her shoe that she have one when she left to wear it back. This version, her shoe was shattered by her step-mother, Kit have one of her shoe and gives it to her. For that, im ok for the ending, no offense. ^^;

The only problem i have is the story development, when i saw a trailer, i though this is a remake its gonna have a same thing from the original Cinderella. but i was wrong, this movie borrows every elements of the original one, so its a source material film. I was disappointed when i read on a wiki. Oh well...

Overall, its a pretty good source material film to bring back my childhood. The story is well written, great visuals and good acting. Although i was disappointed that its not a remake, but again, this movie have every elements from the original one with changes.

Il give it 9/10.

And finally there's one thing that il never forgot is a short film called "Frozen Fever". This short film set after the first film. Elsa (my fav princess. ^^) is about to making a birthday party along with Kistoff, Sven and her Olaf to her young sister Anna. But her only problem is that she's sick (as the title suggest) that she sneezes with a tiny living snowman.

Overall, its nice to see it back with two favourite princesses in short films, good songs and its also fun for watching shortly (no offence, Pixar... ^^;). And if you guys are wishing for a sequel? Yes, im aware that Disney is about to make a sequel of Frozen. So, hope for the good one. :)

Il give it 10/10

Combining two of them will earn 9.5/10, they deserve to earn my golden trophy of success. :D

So this ends of my review, if you have a suggestion for next review, send a comments bellow. Thanks for reading, im Anthony, signing out. ;)


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