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Anthony and Shantae by blackevil915
Subject Sigma vs Ben by blackevil915
Youtube gamers by blackevil915
Whether it would be a video game, movie, cartoon, comics and more
Anthony meets Shantae by blackevil915
Anthony moves to a tower by blackevil915
Anthony in Sprites debut by blackevil915
If you love sprites, then be creative for a commission sprites (if you look on Spriters Resource).
Benetton vs Simtek by blackevil915
My fantasy F1 car by blackevil915

since i am a huge fan a racing with cars, i hope you guys would give a try.

either a car design, racing moments or a crashes.

2 more character of colored
if you ask me a commission for 2 characters, it would be twices price of 20.
Its mostly a love interest of your OC or some canon characters.

Rules: No mature Yuri and no mature Yaoi.

I enjoy watching fighting like Boxing, kickboxing, street fight, wrestling, etc...

you couldchoose some fights if you want, either a character of video game, real life or you OC


This one is that i draw a line and add some colors. :)

if i add two characters, it would be two more of 20.

its mostly i draw a line.
Notice, i decided to do a remake of this, while the previous one is not that great that i kinda stole a joke of Tobuscus. ^^;

You know, there a lot of website that you can create your account to play a game, chatting, create a forum, writing a fan-fiction, streaming with your friends, making a videos and more stuff you can do.

But sometimes many websites ask you a favour to change a password if you're getting old for that or you decided to change your password. But sometimes password is about to be advantic. Like if you wanna put your old password that you made from a few years ago, it said "Oh, excuse me sir, your password should have numbers and upper-case letter.". Its like "oh boy, i gotta add something in my password to sign up my new account.". It happened when i created an account of that i played an old online game called "Formula 1 online game". But then it shut downed for their reason.  *sigh* Im gonna miss the old time...

Anyway, but sometimes websites is gonna ruin your life when your have your current password by saying "Sorry sir, your password is getting old, you gotta make a new one". Well, good luck to make a new one and test it up. I mean i don't like what the company does that like and even If DA does that, il be pissed that i'd rather...    steal someone's password for my account when he/she betrayed from a few months ago...  Unless if he/she fight me back by Swatting me... ^^;

I know, im may be a jerk in my thoughts. But then there's the infamous captcha code that you have to copy the words. But sometimes it gets worse about it that somebody made it up with completely different like this -> 

I mean, this isn't a captcha password, its more like "Solving dumbass puzzles to create your Facebook account". Its like if you're born in America or Canada that you wanna create an account with a random language like this -> 

Its like "Are you a Chinese person to solve a captcha?", "No im not, racist computer, because i cannot learn Chinese words! XC".

I'd rather making my own captcha that is something easy than this crap. I mean i know its over-complicated to do this.

But sometimes giving your passwords to your friends is a stupid move that he/she will hack your account by deleting your stuff and even deactiavted your account by saying "you know what? F*** you guys, il never trust you when you ruin my experience! I Quit!!". So seriously guys, don't do that, or you'll making a huge risk for your account and your life.

So thats all for now, i think i need a breath to talk. If you're agree of my rant or a suggestion, send me a comments that i would like to know.

Thanks for reading, im Anthony, signing out. ;)


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Anthony Laliberte
Artist | Student | Other
Anthony "Blackevil915" Laliberte

Born: 16 November 1995, Montreal Quebec Canada I'm a Canadian-Quebeker by Foxception

Billed from Montreal Quebec Canada

Theme song:…

i like: drawing, playing video games, wrestling, racing, going out and take a picture

i hate: troll, bad drawing of me or my characters, being drugged, virus, broken stuff, my parents trash talk, Block User and feel all alone.

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^Friends only for RP^

Important *Rules* Important

1: If you guys like my arts, fav or watch if you want. If you don't like it, don't fav and don't watch my account.
2: No negative comments about my life and my arts.
3: No fast or countless Request. Just only one request. Just slow down, please. (if you're my friend, il accept with 10 request)
4: Do not comments "Thanks for..", cause it causing a virus on my account.
5: Don't steal and recolor my arts, or il report ya.
6: Do not post ad in comments or notes. It soo stupid to show it.
7: Take your time to draw my characters your a gift or something

Permission to drawing my characters: Free

Friends: :iconmusic-lovette123: :iconsailorraybloomdz: :icongameboysage: :iconwaimbert: :iconxxdark-angelx: :iconblack705: :iconanimekid0839: :iconzkfanart: :iconscobionicle99::iconsconimate-99: :icondarkzadarprime: :iconrainz01: :icontheonegreenleaf: :iconkirayamato74: :iconseleanamermaid-kechi: :iconsparklesthestarfox: :iconsny--eamdray: :iconraijinsenshi::iconcobaltclaw19: :iconmdtartist83:

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